Our expertise is in developing IT and Digital strategies. The IT strategy is subservient to business strategy and provides the support and capability to deliver on the business strategy. Digital strategy on the other hand should be owned by business. It is a critical element of a modern business strategy.

There are a few principles that we believe apply. Firstly, strategy must be dynamic and flexible. Secondly, it must be well communicated to the organisation and thirdly it must be delivered. A strategy without a strategic plan is simply a document which is unlikely to cause much change.

Recognizing the above we bring a range of skills to a strategy process that you the customer must own. A well thought through playbook guides (not dictates) our approach. Highly experienced IT practitioners guide the process. We bring strong facilitation skills and for us the job is not done until the agreed actions to implement the strategy have found their way into initiatives, projects, portfolios with suitable owners and metrics.

We Offer the following

  • IT and Digital Strategy Development
  • IT and Digital Strategic Plan Development
  • Innovation facilitation
  • Business Architecture Development
  • Project and Program Management for delivery of the strategy
  • Agile Delivery of Digital initiatives (Insourced and outsourced)
  • Selection of Business and Innovation Strategy Tools
  • Implementation of Business and Innovation Strategy Tools
  • IT software selection process facilitation
  • Project and program managers including agile for delivery management